Sunday, March 29, 2009

Broken Glasses - Week of Mar. 23rd

Cameron learned to do something that we hope he won't repeat again...he successfully broke his glasses!
He's become very adept at sneaking his glasses off of his face and while his nanny was telling him 'no' and putting them back on, he pulled oh so hard. Little did Cameron realize that since the lenses weren't broken, Jane just had to take them in and the eye doctor put them in a new frame.

Grandma was here twice this week and she and Cam had lots of quality time together.

Cameron can't decide which activity is his favorite with Grandma- reading books and turning the pages or catching the pop up balls from his train. Both definitely put a big smile on his face and as you can see, he loves waiting for the next pop up ball to surface!

The weekend brought some much needed relaxation including a date night for Chris and Jane on Friday (if you haven't seen the movie "Slumdog Millionaire"- it's recommended) and a dinner party at Cam's 'crib' with 'Uncle' Keith and 'Aunt' Bobbi on Saturday.

Sunday was spent indoors due to the chilly Michigan weather, but Cam can always have some fun inside too.
As pictured here, Cameron loved his shoulder ride from Chris.
Here's hoping spring sticks instead of more snow!!

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