Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hanging with Will - Week of Feb. 23rd

Cameron always has a way of making a tough work day appear seemingly silly when Chris & Jane hear that hearty laugh of his! And there were some tedious days this week, but Cam made them seem inconsequential when his giggles turn into downright laughter. And the smiles are so contagious as shown here by Grandma's reaction.

Even though it's tough for Chris & Jane to leave Cam with a sitter, he obviously has fun. Andrea, his regular sitter, used a photo program to create this cool image with the black & white pic of Cam w/colored plastic balls- thanks Andrea!!

The weekend was filled with activities and visits. Cameron's buddy, Will, wanted him to come over on Saturday for a little visit to spend a little time with Will's Grandma Jeanne and Aunt Jamie.

They all had such a good time together and Cam obviously knew that Jeanne is a true Grandma since he didn't even cry when she picked him up to hold him. Cam missed seeing Will's parents but they were on a mini-vaca in Texas.
Cameron's anxious to take some walks, but it's still a little chilly out- here's hoping Spring is truly just around the corner!

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