Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cam Hates His Glasses - Week of Feb.16th

Cameron has a new favorite game this week- taking off his glasses! It seemed that up until now he was getting along quite well with his spectacles and has recently come to the conclusion that it's kind of fun for him to remove them on his own! Needless to say, everyone who cares for him is getting lots of practice saying "no" to the eyeglass removal because he just looks so cute with them on.

Cam was very lucky to have his nanny stay here all week! And Jane and Chris had fun with her staying too. Thanks for all of your extra help Annie!

On Friday, after a fun day with Grandma, a couple of Cam's babysitters, Andrea & Rachel, came over to hang out with Cameron. Although he protests when he knows Chris & Jane are going out for the eve, he sure had lots of fun with them as seen in the picture. Andrea noticed that Cam was fully aware of what to do when she got her camera out....hmmm, guess he's had a little practice with photo shoots!! What a great pic, Andrea!
Saturday was a special day as the family traveled to see their good friends, the Cronks. They had fun celebrating the birthdays of Cam's friends, Thomas & Hannah. Their sister, Katie, also took the time to show Cameron one of her favorite books.
Cameron hopes your week is filled with smiles and laughter, especially since every one of his days contains lots of both!

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