Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sickie - Week of Feb. 2nd

Cameron was a little under the weather this week... you might think he had some outrageous food for Superbowl, but that was not the case. Just some weird flu bug going around, that we affectionately named "the crud."
Jane had a bit of this plague during the week too as well as Cam's nanny and grandma- so sorry!
However, while Cam's nanny and Jane were busy taking care of him and trying to comfort him, apparently, Stella the cat decided that she should take over Cam's meal times. On Monday, she was caught sitting in the chair waiting to be fed...since Cam wasn't taking advantage of eating there. On Tuesday, she decided it was a great place to take a cat nap to keep the high chair toasty warm for Cam's return.

By Saturday, Cameron was finally almost back to normal and having fun playing with Chris again, giggling away and giving out 'high fives.' With the nice weather that broke through, Jane & Chris took Cam for a short walk on Sunday and he seemed to soak up the sunshine and happily ride along. Here's hoping the warm trend continues...

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