Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lake Michigan Weekend - Week of May 23rd

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer for most Michiganders. It is a tradition on Jane's side of the family to meet at their Lake Michigan cottage to gather together and have the first beach outing. Well, the weather didn't quite cooperate this year, but the outing continued anyways!

Auntie Jo & Will joined in the fun and brought kites and bubbles for the boys to play with. The windy day made for perfect kite-flying conditions. The breeze also tuckered out a couple boys as they lounged in the sand and took a little afternoon siesta.

Auntie Jo had some reading time with her two favorite guys.

After a bit of sleep, the weekend continued with some indoor play due to a little rain. Chris proceeded to give plenty of tickle attacks to the little boys which brought lots of giggles and screaming laughter. Will also went after Cam's toes for a sneaky tickle surprise.

It's easy to see that when good friends and buddies hang out, as long as there are yummy snacks, bubbles, books, toys, kites and tickle attacks, you're bound to have a great time!

Many thanks to Auntie Jo & Will for keeping us all company and to Grandma & Grandpa for putting up with all the extra activity!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Backseat Biker - Week of May 16th

A vibrant rainbow started the week off right amidst all the rain. What a beautiful sight right behind our home!
Outdoor weather eventually prevailed for Cameron as he and nanny, Lisa ventured outside for some playtime. Loaded up with toys and a picnic blanket, it was great to play in the sunshine.

Cam tried on Lisa's hat and it seemed to almost fit, but he decided it looked better on her...
Another activity included a different perspective of the front yard from a branch view in the red maple tree.

Cameron's highlight of the week, though, came in the form of an early Father's Day gift that Jane found for Chris.

A very comfy bike seat for Cam that Chris installed on the back of his bicycle provided a whole new form of transportation! Cam and his dad surprised Jane on Monday by biking over to the gym to see Jane in her zumba class.

Chris had not intended to ride that far with his big boy, but Cam kept saying "more" "more" every time Chris tried to pull in the driveway.

Looks like the family will be doing quite a bit of biking this summer!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tulips & Tubbing - Week of May 9th

Although the family didn't attend any tulip time festivities, Cam's godmother certainly did brighten up the house with a fresh bouquet of Holland's finest! Thanks, Jo!

The arrival of the IPad at the Weatherford household has peaked the interest of many, including Cam and his friend, Emma. Their favorite activity is "Doodle Buddy" which allows you to draw on the screen with only your fingers!
The two friends quickly figured out how to make lots of pictures, even using "stamps" to show different objects on the screen as well. It seems there are an endless amount of applications to use and it will be fun to discover other learning tools that Cameron can use.

Since the weekend didn't turn out to be bright and sunny, there were plenty of other things to keep everyone busy. A grocery store run, an outing to the mall for lunch and shopping, and then a relaxing time in the hot tub for Cam and Chris.

Father and son had a splashing contest and both fared well, although Cameron just enjoyed getting wet!

Sunday night games included our weekly gathering with the Raisch family for a delicious dinner and as always, enjoying our fun friendship!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! - Week of May 2nd

Some days, you just want to be as close to the sunshine as possible...Chris gave Cam a lift out his sunroof to see if he liked feeling extra tall.
After soaking up the rays, Cameron and his Dad were off to pick up a Mother's Day gift for Jane.

And what a very special Mom's Day it was...
Jane and her boys started off the day by dining out and enjoying a delicious breakfast. The afternoon included a long walk with a short stop at a favorite ice cream venue. Chris & Cam presented Jane with a unique hand-crafted vase depicting a Lake Michigan scene. The beautiful flowers they picked out looked perfect in the pottery! Jane loved her cards from her two special boys.

At school, Cameron had made his Mom a memorable art treasure complete with his hand print and a sweet poem.
A beautiful picture serving tray and goodies basket was Jane's Mother's Day gift from Cam's Grandma, a most wonderful Mom herself. After such a busy weekend, one of Jane's favorite moments was a simple one...the gift of relaxing with her boys!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Playing in the Park - Week of Apr. 25th

While Jane was flying across the country for work on Monday, Cam could be seen flying on the swings at Ada Park! Chris decided that he and Cameron deserved some quality father and son time.

After swinging away, the daring duo headed over the to monkey bars. Cam certainly does look extra long stretched out and hanging on!

The remainder of the week went by quickly, filled with activities including school and physical therapy.
The weekend, however, included some of Cam's favorites- playing with neighbors and getting outside for multiple walks in the park. Jane & Patti took Cameron and the Raisch girls out for breakfast on Sunday. What a treat for Cam to dine with all girls! Then, a trip to the grocery store, with two of the girls, turned out to be a fun outing as well. Sunday rounded out the week with the traditional shared dinner with the Raisch family, where Cam could be heard calling his friend, Emma, to play more games.
Hope everyone's week is looking up!