Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! - Week of May 2nd

Some days, you just want to be as close to the sunshine as possible...Chris gave Cam a lift out his sunroof to see if he liked feeling extra tall.
After soaking up the rays, Cameron and his Dad were off to pick up a Mother's Day gift for Jane.

And what a very special Mom's Day it was...
Jane and her boys started off the day by dining out and enjoying a delicious breakfast. The afternoon included a long walk with a short stop at a favorite ice cream venue. Chris & Cam presented Jane with a unique hand-crafted vase depicting a Lake Michigan scene. The beautiful flowers they picked out looked perfect in the pottery! Jane loved her cards from her two special boys.

At school, Cameron had made his Mom a memorable art treasure complete with his hand print and a sweet poem.
A beautiful picture serving tray and goodies basket was Jane's Mother's Day gift from Cam's Grandma, a most wonderful Mom herself. After such a busy weekend, one of Jane's favorite moments was a simple one...the gift of relaxing with her boys!

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