Sunday, May 1, 2011

Playing in the Park - Week of Apr. 25th

While Jane was flying across the country for work on Monday, Cam could be seen flying on the swings at Ada Park! Chris decided that he and Cameron deserved some quality father and son time.

After swinging away, the daring duo headed over the to monkey bars. Cam certainly does look extra long stretched out and hanging on!

The remainder of the week went by quickly, filled with activities including school and physical therapy.
The weekend, however, included some of Cam's favorites- playing with neighbors and getting outside for multiple walks in the park. Jane & Patti took Cameron and the Raisch girls out for breakfast on Sunday. What a treat for Cam to dine with all girls! Then, a trip to the grocery store, with two of the girls, turned out to be a fun outing as well. Sunday rounded out the week with the traditional shared dinner with the Raisch family, where Cam could be heard calling his friend, Emma, to play more games.
Hope everyone's week is looking up!

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