Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cam & Liam - Week of June 20th

It's always good to have a buddy in school, and even better when you see your buddy outside of school!
Cam & Liam have been in the same school classroom for a year now and not only did they become good friends, but Chris & Jane gained pals as well in Liam's parents, Matt and Betsy.
What a busy week for both boys...

On Monday, Cam & some of his classmates met at Millennium Park for some SplashPad fun! There are different types of water sprays, buckets, and the ability to splash everywhere!
The boys were then in school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Then on Friday, GVSU PT students worked with Cam & Liam in different groups as part of their coursework. The students were so pleased with what Cam could do and he certainly liked showing off! Sarah, shown here, who is also a Grand Valley graduate student has been with our family for over a year to Cam-sit in the evenings. It's easy to see how much Cam loves her!

Saturday began with breakfast at I-Hop with Liam and his parents. Cam & his buddy chowed down some yummy pancakes and then everyone went to Celebration Cinema to watch Cars 2!
It was Cam's first theater movie. He wasn't afraid of the noise and liked seeing the big screen, but didn't quite make it through the entire showing. Still, it was a great first experience!

To close the week, Chris 'surprised' Jane by taking Cam to get his hair cut (very short!) while Jane was attending a shower on Sunday afternoon. One might wonder, does Cam's haircut look more like Liam's or Cam's Dad?

Either way, there's no debating that he's still one handsome little dude!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Day - Week of Jun 13th

With the warmer weather outside, juicy watermelon has been in plentiful supply at the Weatherford home. It is one of Cameron's highly requested fruit choices. It's also a lot of fun to eat when you take a huge bite off of a big chunk!

When cousin Coco and her roommates brought their puppies over for a visit, Cam ended up with some juicy puppy kisses as he played on the ground with the sweet pups, Olive & Sky.

To round out the week, the family had fun celebrating Father's Day and traveled to the cottage to see Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Tracy.
Cam is shown proudly holding Chris' Father's Day gift from Cam's grandparents- a round of golf at Old Channel Inn.

Jane & Cameron gave Chris a new beach chair and sandals so that he can have some relaxation time.
Although Lake Michigan isn't nearly warm enough for swimming yet, the family ventured to the beach and discovered that Cam's beach toy wagon just barely fits Cam himself.

Jane & Cameron agree that Chris is the best Dad in all the world and they sure do appreciate the awesome guy he is and everything he does for our family!! Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there !!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

When the Parents are Away... - Week of June 6th

Cameron's Dad left on a business trip Monday morning after seeing his awesome son before heading to the airport.
Cam and Jane had some quality time hanging out together, especially mid-week when cousin Coco and friends brought over their two puppies. Even though everyone tried to convince the pups that the water felt so good in the hot weather, they opted to jump right out instead of hanging out with Cam to keep cool.

Thursday morning, Jane also said goodbye to her sweet son to meet up with Chris in Florida for a long weekend to celebrate Jane's birthday and see good friends, the Smith & Cronk families. Cam's parents met Baby Lucas Smith for the first time, also born at 30 weeks, just like Cameron! We know the two of them will be good buddies.

Back in Grand Rapids, Grandma & Grandpa provided Cam Care beginning Thursday afternoon until Jane & Chris arrived home Sunday afternoon.
Cameron's grandparents kept him busy with activities, trips to the store, a restaurant breakfast outing, storytime and visitors (thanks Auntie Jo!).

Cam & his grandparents met Chris & Jane at the airport and Cam was definitely happy to see them!

An unexpected treat was a vehicle playing songs that ventured into the neighborhood and after being away from their boy, it was fun to share a special first time ice cream truck sighting and purchase!

Many thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for staying with Cam for a few days- he sure does love the two of you!! (and maybe being spoiled...just a little)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

School's Out - Week of May 31st

Most kids look forward to the school being out for summer, but Cam is definitely missing his school routine and his buddies. Liam is his favorite classmate and in honor of the official start of summer vacation, it's time to share a school outing that missed a blog entry at the end of May.

Cameron's school hosted "An Afternoon in the Sun" and despite the rainy afternoon, Cam and Liam spent most of their time in the school gym. The ball pit appeared to be colorful quicksand and both of them couldn't stop laughing at each other.

A long rectangular cushion beam served as a swing that both boys could also play on at the same time. With Cam on one end and Liam the other, they both hung on tightly while swinging back and forth.

Cam and Liam's parents are already planning some playdates for the boys this summer.

Chris' plans this weekend included packing for a business trip to Florida. He tried to fit Cam in the suitcase, but it seems the big boy just keeps growing and growing!