Sunday, June 5, 2011

School's Out - Week of May 31st

Most kids look forward to the school being out for summer, but Cam is definitely missing his school routine and his buddies. Liam is his favorite classmate and in honor of the official start of summer vacation, it's time to share a school outing that missed a blog entry at the end of May.

Cameron's school hosted "An Afternoon in the Sun" and despite the rainy afternoon, Cam and Liam spent most of their time in the school gym. The ball pit appeared to be colorful quicksand and both of them couldn't stop laughing at each other.

A long rectangular cushion beam served as a swing that both boys could also play on at the same time. With Cam on one end and Liam the other, they both hung on tightly while swinging back and forth.

Cam and Liam's parents are already planning some playdates for the boys this summer.

Chris' plans this weekend included packing for a business trip to Florida. He tried to fit Cam in the suitcase, but it seems the big boy just keeps growing and growing!

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