Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lots of Giggles - Week of Apr. 21st

Jane had to stay overnight in Dearborn on Tuesday for work, so it was very hard for her to be away from her boys, even for one night. Chris said that Cameron missed her and Jane couldn't wait to get back home on Wednesday. Of course, when she arrived home, Cam was sleeping and took a very long nap. When he finally woke up, he seemed very happy to see his Mom again.

It may be hard to believe, but Cameron actually had his first outing to a grocery store this week with his Mom and Dad. At 8 months of age, Cam was finally able to tour Meijer grocery store! It must not have been too exciting for him, since he dozed off for a few minutes.

Cam is definitely more vocal now, making all kinds of sounds and giggling at the silliest things, which makes Chris and Jane laugh so very much. In fact, at this very moment, Cameron is giggling and hopes that all of you are smiling too!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hanging with the Meades - Week of Apr. 14th

Cameron was very excited about the warm weather this week. He walked outside with both Jane & Chris on different days to visit with the neighbors. Cam had to wear a little hat because it was so bright! On Friday evening, Chris & Jane took Cameron in the stroller and walked to a neighborhood restaurant, Cascade Roadhouse, where they ate dinner outside. Cam was very good and had fun hanging out with his parents.

On Saturday, Chris, Jane, and Cam ventured up to the cottage where Cam spent some quality time with his Aunt Joyce & Uncle Joe. Aunt Joyce took him to the beach where she told him all about the many adventures that he would have with his cousins in the summertime and Uncle Joe told him all about the infield fly rule in baseball. Cameron also had a nice visit with his Grandma & Grandpa Miller, Aunt Gay, cousin Mike, and of course, his favorite nanny, cousin Annie.

On Sunday, the Weatherford family ventured out again to visit their good friends, the Meades, where they enjoyed a cookout and had fun outside. Unfortunately for those of you reading this blog, Chris & Jane neglected to take pictures during all 3 of these events, but here are some recent shots of the handsome boy! Cam's especially enjoying tasting all of the new baby food!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So Sleepy - Week of Apr. 7th

There were days when we used to wonder if Cameron would be able to drink an ounce of his bottle... now, he can't seem to get enough baby food to eat! Cam has been an adventurous eater this week tasting applesauce, bananas and squash. He has enjoyed them all and finished the whole container each time!

When he is eating, it seems that one cannot get another spoonful in his mouth quickly enough. Cam does utter protest (almost sounding like 'hey!') when the spoon isn't moving forward.

Cameron works very hard at tummy time on a daily basis and is having lots of fun batting at different toys and hearing different sounds.

All of that hard work sure wears a little guy out!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Has Arrived - Week of Mar. 31st

Welcome to Spring! This week, Cameron met a new babysitter named Emily. She stayed with Cam Tuesday evening while Chris and Jane went out for dinner. Cameron did just fine and his parents are happy that he's not opposed to meeting new friends.

Cam had his 6-month developmental progress review and he did very well. He is pretty much right on track and is meeting his goals.

Grandma Mary Ellen stayed over Friday and Chris and Jane ventured out again! Many thanks to Grandma. Cameron tasted a new food on Saturday and Sunday- applesauce! He seemed to like the taste, but Jane told him that Grandma Mary Ellen's homemade applesauce is much better. He will definitely be trying some this summer.

With this change in weather (or his Dad's cold), Cameron was a little under the weather on Friday. But, he bounced right back and even took a stroller ride in the warm sunshine on Saturday.

Happy Spring everyone!!