Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lots of Giggles - Week of Apr. 21st

Jane had to stay overnight in Dearborn on Tuesday for work, so it was very hard for her to be away from her boys, even for one night. Chris said that Cameron missed her and Jane couldn't wait to get back home on Wednesday. Of course, when she arrived home, Cam was sleeping and took a very long nap. When he finally woke up, he seemed very happy to see his Mom again.

It may be hard to believe, but Cameron actually had his first outing to a grocery store this week with his Mom and Dad. At 8 months of age, Cam was finally able to tour Meijer grocery store! It must not have been too exciting for him, since he dozed off for a few minutes.

Cam is definitely more vocal now, making all kinds of sounds and giggling at the silliest things, which makes Chris and Jane laugh so very much. In fact, at this very moment, Cameron is giggling and hopes that all of you are smiling too!

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