Sunday, February 27, 2011

Overtime with Grandma - Week of Feb. 21st

The Michigan weather this winter has certainly provided some difficult travel. This week, that actually worked to Cameron's advantage. His Grandma drove in Sunday to avoid the projected snowfall and stayed until Tuesday morning!
Cam and Grandma spent the afternoon making some delicious chocolate chip cookies. Cam did a great deal of taste-testing to be sure they were extra good. Grandma & grandson also spent time looking at a special picture frame hanging on the wall of Cameron's room. He loves to look at the frame containing many beautiful photos of his Grandma.

After such a fun visit, Chris & Jane had to keep the good times moving along. They took Cam out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Although he didn't partake in any juicy steaks, he very much enjoyed the cheese fries, penne pasta, and coloring.

Over the weekend, Cam enjoyed a visit from his wonderful godmother, Auntie Jo. She brought him a delicious chocolate shake, knowing it is common favorite they both share.

Saturday evening, Cameron had some playtime with his favorite nighttime "Cam-sitter"- Sarah. The smiles shown here are ones we see every time they're together!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hearts Overflowing - Week of Feb. 14th

Cam had quite a busy V-day...he brought home a few valentines from his classmates filled with chocolate and candy. Cameron has developed a definite love of sweets, especially chocolate, thanks to his parents...

Monday evening, Cam, Chris & Jane met Auntie Jo and Will for a delicous dining experience at McDonald's, one of the boys' favorite places. This may become an annual experience based upon how much fun Will & Cam had!

The activities continued throughout the week since cousin, Libby, had taken vacation time and flown to Michigan from New York. She brought gifts for the entire family, including an I love New York t-shirt from the Big Apple that Cam proudly wore. Libby and her sister, Coco, played with their cousin as he showed off all of his new skills for Libby.

All of the cousins headed across the street for what appeared to be the last sledding day of the season. With sleds and tubes, everyone ventured down the hill and had a great time!

Many thanks to Libby for spending some precious vacation time with family in Michigan, instead of heading to a warmer climate!
We know you won't be forgetting Elmo's voice any time soon...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slip, Sliding Away - Week of Feb. 7th

With spring right around the corner (hopefully!), it seemed imperative to take advantage of the ultimate winter wonderland across the street.
This week also included a special visit from one of Cam's favorite cousins, Libby. (Next week's blog to include pics!)

A cavernous ice tunnel was a cool place for Cameron and Megan to hang out. The tunnel stretched to ten feet. Being in the long igloo certainly didn't seem to bother Cam, although it does appear that he thinks the roof may cave in.

The long snow track in the neighbor's back yard makes for fun winter tubing. Although Cam was a little uncertain at first, he rode with Chris in one of the big tubes all the way down the hill.

After Cameron watched Emma ride, he seemed much more relaxed about the entire setup.

It takes lots of energy to be outside playing and the entire family was pretty worn out....except for maybe Cam!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Michigan Blizzard - Week of Jan. 31st

What does 16 inches of snow mean in Michigan? 3 days off of school for Cameron! Tuesday evening was deemed "Blizzard Dinner" when the Weatherford and Raisch family gathered together at Cam's house to enjoy a meal together and watch the swirly white stuff outside.

One of Cameron's favorite playmates is his neighbor, Emma. He is always so happy to see her and she has fun sharing Cam's toys.

Wednesday morning found the area blanketed in snow and led Chris and other neighbors to not only snowblow their driveways, but the actual roadway as well. The city plow didn't find its way down Cam's street until 8pm that evening. And yes, that is Chris, wearing shorts and a sweatshirt as snow flies in the air.

With three days off of school, Cam kept his parents busy, both inside and out.
Sledding and being in the wintry outdoors is an activity that Cameron can't seem to get enough of!
The deep snow and cold temperatures didn't deter this boy from wanting to be outside, however, not in shorts!!