Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slip, Sliding Away - Week of Feb. 7th

With spring right around the corner (hopefully!), it seemed imperative to take advantage of the ultimate winter wonderland across the street.
This week also included a special visit from one of Cam's favorite cousins, Libby. (Next week's blog to include pics!)

A cavernous ice tunnel was a cool place for Cameron and Megan to hang out. The tunnel stretched to ten feet. Being in the long igloo certainly didn't seem to bother Cam, although it does appear that he thinks the roof may cave in.

The long snow track in the neighbor's back yard makes for fun winter tubing. Although Cam was a little uncertain at first, he rode with Chris in one of the big tubes all the way down the hill.

After Cameron watched Emma ride, he seemed much more relaxed about the entire setup.

It takes lots of energy to be outside playing and the entire family was pretty worn out....except for maybe Cam!

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