Sunday, February 6, 2011

Michigan Blizzard - Week of Jan. 31st

What does 16 inches of snow mean in Michigan? 3 days off of school for Cameron! Tuesday evening was deemed "Blizzard Dinner" when the Weatherford and Raisch family gathered together at Cam's house to enjoy a meal together and watch the swirly white stuff outside.

One of Cameron's favorite playmates is his neighbor, Emma. He is always so happy to see her and she has fun sharing Cam's toys.

Wednesday morning found the area blanketed in snow and led Chris and other neighbors to not only snowblow their driveways, but the actual roadway as well. The city plow didn't find its way down Cam's street until 8pm that evening. And yes, that is Chris, wearing shorts and a sweatshirt as snow flies in the air.

With three days off of school, Cam kept his parents busy, both inside and out.
Sledding and being in the wintry outdoors is an activity that Cameron can't seem to get enough of!
The deep snow and cold temperatures didn't deter this boy from wanting to be outside, however, not in shorts!!

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Leslie Buckner said...

OMG...that makes me NOT miss Michigan! I would seriously cry if I saw that outside my door. :)