Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hot Tub & Helicopter - Week of Jan. 24th

There are many home remedies that people recommend to treat colds...but have you ever heard of hanging out in the hot tub? It certainly received a positive vote from Cameron, who enjoyed some tubbing with his Dad one late afternoon. Cam even has that look on his face as if he and Chris are definitely 'getting away with something.'
The boys splashed and played for awhile and when Jane walked out to ask if they were ready for some warm towels, the response was an emphatic "no," with a smile.

From hot tubs to helicopters, Cam's week couldn't get much better!
A special delivery arrived also aiding in combating a cold...a new toy for Cam (and Chris!). The remote-controlled helicopter was quite a hit. The only household member unsure about the new contraption was Stella, the cat.

Some may believe that 'feeding a cold' is the way to recovery. To test that theory, Grandma and Cameron whipped up a delicious batch of rice krispie treats. Grandma is such a great cook and baker and Cam loves everything she makes- especially, anything sweet.

The best part of cooking with Grandma...she lets you lick the spoon, even if it's an extra large one!

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