Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spectacular Sledding - Week of Jan. 3rd

Living in Michigan does have its advantages, even in the winter. This weekend, the fun began with a visit from Cameron's buddy, Will and his godmother, Jo.

After the boys were all bundled up, they ventured out in the sunshine across the street to sled with the neighbors. Cam and Will weren't too sure about going down the hill solo as they checked out the safety of their sleds.
In addition to the small hill, the Raisch's backyard also features a very large ice rink that is lots of fun to pull the sleds around on.
After some time sledding and sliding on the rink the boys had some indoor playtime as well.
Anna & Emma Raisch had fun entertaining the boys and the kids all feasted on pizza for lunch.

After lunch, Cam and Will continued to play with a train set and cars, their favorite toys.
The boys were definitely worn out after their big day.
Cameron is so fortunate to have such a great buddy like Will and the best neighbors ever!

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