Sunday, January 16, 2011

While the Parents are Away, Cam Plays - Week of Jan. 10th

Lisa is Cameron's new nanny and Cam definitely likes spending time with his daily caregiver. She helps the big boy off the bus every day, reads lots of books and enjoys working on his developmental goals. And of course, there's usually a dose of laughter too!

This weekend, Chris & Jane headed out of town to spend a weekend in Vegas celebrating their friend's birthday. Their lucky son was able to hang out with Grandma & Grandpa all weekend. Coco and Jo were so sweet to visit with Cam on Saturday and one may wonder who entertained whom more...

Cameron definitely likes to entertain himself by opening cupboards and drawers and exploring the contents, as shown here.

When Chris & Jane arrived home Sunday night, Cam greeted them with huge smiles and lots of hugs! They just might have let their sweet boy have a few extra m&m's for dessert. Many thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for taking such great care or their grandson all weekend long!

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Chris Weatherford said...

Melts in your mouth...on your tongue...and hands, shirt, high chair, and everything else.