Sunday, January 31, 2010

Markers are Washable?- Week of Jan. 25th

Jane & Chris seem to remember when they were little kids that markers were not washable... and now, Cameron has the ability to draw on paper and himself and not have it be a big mess!

He's enjoying working with the markers more and more. One of the pictures he made with Annie is proudly displayed on the refrigerator.

Cam still loves eating fruit and watermelon remains one of the favorites! Chris reminds Cam that he is so lucky he lives in a world where you can buy watermelon in Michigan in wintertime! Notice that he also appears to be hording the melon so Chris & Jane can't have any...

Sitting on the kitchen chairs is good exercise for Cam and every new experience most often brings a sweet smile to the big boy's face. Behind Cameron is a beautiful bouquet of lillies that Chris brought home. Jane's smile was just as big as Cam's!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Restaurant Dining- Week of Jan. 18th

Cameron's social calendar was quite full this week with two restaurant outings! Cam's tolerance and patience for eating out is actually better than most adults!

Monday was Anne's birthday, so everyone went to Outback restaurant to celebrate the fun occassion. Cam loves the Outback mac-n-cheese and drank a huge glass of milk too. A free birthday sundae completed the meal and Cameron was pretty happy Annie decided to share.

Saturday night was a mexican fiesta at Don Julios when Jane, Chris and Cam took Ronda out to dinner. Cameron loved the tortilla chips and tacos.

Another exciting event this week was the removal of Cam's "seat" on his walker. The big boy handled the challenge like a champ!

Chris also took the time to put Cameron's "license plate" up on the door to his room. Grandma gave him the license for Christmas and now his name is officially displayed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hot Tubbing! - Week of Jan. 11th

Some people may find Michigan winters a bit cold, but it's not so bad if you can relax and get warm in a hot tub! Chris and Cam had a fun time during the week taking a dip. Cameron loves to splash in the water and kick his legs. Since the hot tub is definitely much bigger than his bathtub, it's quite a treat. One of his favorite hot tub activities is having Chris whisk him up in the air and then quickly back into the toasty water.

Playtime with Jane and piggybacks with Chris were a big part of Cam's week.

Cameron's now working on choosing pictures that represent his toys so that he's deciding what to play with. Chris and Jane finally stopped taking pictures when they hit the fifty mark! They had no idea that Cameron had soooo many toys.

One of Cam's daily activities is practicing his walking with his cool leg braces on.
Chris is so creative when it comes to making this always interesting for Cam.
Shown here is a box tower that Cameron pushed from one end of the basement to the other. Amazingly enough, it didn't even fall!
The big boy is getting stronger every day!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sledding Fun - Week of Jan. 4th

There may be some people out there that think that holding an icicle may not be too much fun...however, Cameron definitely had a great time with one after Chris plucked it from the back deck.

The highlight of Cam's week took place on two occasions, at the same place. Our awesome neighbors across the street have created an immense ice rink in their backyard and have some perfect sledding hills to accompany the rink.

After sufficiently stuffing Cameron into his snowsuit, he was all ready to head next door. Our neighbor friends, the Raish's have a sled that fits Cam perfectly! He rode in the red sled by himself down a small hill and also accompanied Chris on a larger hill. He could definitley be heard laughing!

An unexpected treat was how fast we could pull Cam around the ice rink in the sled. So fast, that Jane couldn't keep even keep up with the boy racing around.

After all of that activity, it sure was fun to snuggle into some very comfy slippers that Cameron received from the Krauss family for Christmas.
Chris and Jane will have to find themselves some of this cozy footwear!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Holiday Cheer & Happy New Year! - Week of Dec. 28th

Tuesday was a big event as the family headed north for the infamous Jellema Family Holiday party! It's a well-known fact that Santa makes an appearance at this gathering.

Cameron wasn't too sure about the big guy with the white beard, so he wasn't too keen on having a photo op take place.
However, there were still plenty of more pictures throughout the day.
Cam had fun seeing all of his cousins, especially Steff, who traveled from Kentucky! Santa gave all of the kids presents and Cameron gladly opened more boxes and had a great time with everyone.

New Year's Eve was spent with Annie as Cameron watched his parents and his nanny try to figure out all of their new Wii games. He certainly thought they all looked silly!
A big thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for staying with their grandson overnight on Saturday so that Chris and Jane could enjoy a post holiday evening at the JW Marriott.
Cameron was such a good boy for his grandparents and Chris & Jane were very grateful for that!

Welcome 2010- may this be a wonderful year for all of you...