Sunday, January 31, 2010

Markers are Washable?- Week of Jan. 25th

Jane & Chris seem to remember when they were little kids that markers were not washable... and now, Cameron has the ability to draw on paper and himself and not have it be a big mess!

He's enjoying working with the markers more and more. One of the pictures he made with Annie is proudly displayed on the refrigerator.

Cam still loves eating fruit and watermelon remains one of the favorites! Chris reminds Cam that he is so lucky he lives in a world where you can buy watermelon in Michigan in wintertime! Notice that he also appears to be hording the melon so Chris & Jane can't have any...

Sitting on the kitchen chairs is good exercise for Cam and every new experience most often brings a sweet smile to the big boy's face. Behind Cameron is a beautiful bouquet of lillies that Chris brought home. Jane's smile was just as big as Cam's!

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