Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boys Week - Week of Feb. 1st

It was a busy week in the Weatherford household...for all you faithful bloggers...apologies for the late posting! Cameron is pictured in his new Disney hoodie from his cool cuz, Coco, who he'll be able to visit with in just a few weeks!!

Jane had to fly out of state for work two days this week, so Chris, Annie, Grandma and Grandpa had lots of fun playing with Cam. Because the boys ruled the house, Chris couldn't resist having Cam join him in some Super Mario Bros. fun on the Nintendo Wii. Chris refers to this as Cam watching cartoons with him. Due to separate remotes, Cameron feels like he's controlling the game too!

Cameron's combat crawling has been taking him places around the house and has allowed him to explore on his own, including some things that he wouldn't normally have access to - like people's purses... his daily exercise now includes lots of combat crawling as well as walking in his pacer.

SuperBowl Sunday included a gathering with good friends and neighbors, the Raisch family and also our Annie. Patti supplied a delicous array of food and Steve made his special hot wings. All the kids and adults had a great time! Way to go Saints!!

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