Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art & Musicals - Week of Feb. 22nd

Cameron's social calendar really filled up this week!
Tuesday evening included an outing to Wellerwood School to participate in an arts project evening. Cam met lots of teachers that work with his favorite, Julie. The big boy got his hands full of pottery and paint in his first sculpting project. Luckily, for Chris and Jane, they will be receiving the finished project once the clay is "cooked" and returned. Cam also had a chance to play the drums, maracas, and even cymbals.

Cameron, Jane and Chris are so thankful for their friends and neighbors, the Raisch family. Not only are the four girls wonderful playmates for Cam, but they always make a point to invite the entire family to activities. Thursday evening was Megan Raisch's musical performance at Thornapple elementary. Chris & Jane weren't sure if Cameron would enjoy the louder music and crowds of people, but he really loved it!

Sunday was another gathering with the Raisch family to close out the Olympics. Everyone had so much fun watching all of the events and cheering on the USA. Now, it seems that we've started a tradition to host the Wii Olympics every Sunday at our house!

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