Sunday, March 7, 2010

Geek in Training - Week of Mar. 1st

Cameron had a full entertainment schedule this week. Monday began with a trip to Outback restaurant. Cam wore his 'Geek in Training' tshirt that Chris brought home a couple of years ago from a computer conference. Cam loves the Outback mac-n-cheese and ate quite a bit! In fact, the growing boy has had quite the healthy appetite lately, trying even more new foods and loving them all.

His increased appetite has definitely been a good thing with a medicine called baclofen that he's now taking. It is used to help relax his tense muscles.

One of Cam's favorite activities is 'watching cartoons' with Chris, which translates into Chris playing the Wii and Cameron using his own 'remote' to play along.
On Saturday evening, the neighbor girls all walked over to join in the Wii gaming too. As good as Cam and Chris are at the Wii, the girls did rule Saturday eve!

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