Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cam Hates His Glasses - Week of Feb.16th

Cameron has a new favorite game this week- taking off his glasses! It seemed that up until now he was getting along quite well with his spectacles and has recently come to the conclusion that it's kind of fun for him to remove them on his own! Needless to say, everyone who cares for him is getting lots of practice saying "no" to the eyeglass removal because he just looks so cute with them on.

Cam was very lucky to have his nanny stay here all week! And Jane and Chris had fun with her staying too. Thanks for all of your extra help Annie!

On Friday, after a fun day with Grandma, a couple of Cam's babysitters, Andrea & Rachel, came over to hang out with Cameron. Although he protests when he knows Chris & Jane are going out for the eve, he sure had lots of fun with them as seen in the picture. Andrea noticed that Cam was fully aware of what to do when she got her camera out....hmmm, guess he's had a little practice with photo shoots!! What a great pic, Andrea!
Saturday was a special day as the family traveled to see their good friends, the Cronks. They had fun celebrating the birthdays of Cam's friends, Thomas & Hannah. Their sister, Katie, also took the time to show Cameron one of her favorite books.
Cameron hopes your week is filled with smiles and laughter, especially since every one of his days contains lots of both!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Chair - Week of Feb. 9th

Chris brought home an amazing two-dozen rose bouquet that looks so beautiful in the kitchen. Jane certainly felt like quite the lucky woman. Valentine's Day is actually the day Cameron's parents met 11 years ago, so it is a very special day.

On Tuesday, Cam had a progress clinic appointment at DeVos Children's. His doc noted that he's very healthy, happy, and right on track for the growth charts. The biggest hurdle Cam has is building his muscle tone, which he works on every week with different activities. He certainly seems to be getting more exercise than his parents these days- way to go Cam!

Cameron has been hanging out in a new chair this week, complete with rainforest characters and toys built in. He really seems to enjoy it and especially likes to push the monkey around in circles.

Since Cam loves to give kisses to everyone, he received a little hedgehog stuffed animal that 'gives kisses' when you press the heart it's holding.

Hope everyone had a happy V-Day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sickie - Week of Feb. 2nd

Cameron was a little under the weather this week... you might think he had some outrageous food for Superbowl, but that was not the case. Just some weird flu bug going around, that we affectionately named "the crud."
Jane had a bit of this plague during the week too as well as Cam's nanny and grandma- so sorry!
However, while Cam's nanny and Jane were busy taking care of him and trying to comfort him, apparently, Stella the cat decided that she should take over Cam's meal times. On Monday, she was caught sitting in the chair waiting to be fed...since Cam wasn't taking advantage of eating there. On Tuesday, she decided it was a great place to take a cat nap to keep the high chair toasty warm for Cam's return.

By Saturday, Cameron was finally almost back to normal and having fun playing with Chris again, giggling away and giving out 'high fives.' With the nice weather that broke through, Jane & Chris took Cam for a short walk on Sunday and he seemed to soak up the sunshine and happily ride along. Here's hoping the warm trend continues...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Visit the Cronks - Week of Jan. 26th

The week started off with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Chris! He'd been feeling a bit under the weather and wanted to thank Jane & Cam for taking care of him.

Cam had a fun week- he worked very hard on his activities with his nanny, Anne. They do find time to share a few laughs though!

On Thursday, Grandma spent the night and read Cam his bedtime stories. Cameron loves to turn the pages.
Saturday was a great day because Cameron, Jane & Chris went to visit their good friends, the Cronks. Hannah, Kate, and Tom played with Cam and Tom was so sweet to share his cars with Cameron. Tom explained to Cam that the cars are meant to crash! Jane & Chris were able to catch up with Adam & Jen and Cameron had pizza for the first time!

The family went to see more good friends, the Meades, on Superbowl Sunday. Cam was lucky enough to get a haircut from the famous stylist, Lisa. Doesn't it look great?!

Many thanks to the good times with all of our friends and family this week. What a great Superbowl!!