Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Playmates- Week of Mar. 22nd

Cameron spent the week hanging out with some favorite playmates... Wednesday eve, he met his best buddy, Will, at SRC for a magic show. Cam's godmother, Auntie Jo, and Jane had a fun time eating with the boys and watching the performance. Thanks so much Auntie Jo & Will!

Later in the week, it was time, once again for Cameron to visit Mandy, since his hair was almost long enough to put in a little ponytail. As always, Mandy did a great job with his 'big boy' haircut and Cam felt it necessary to give her a pretend kiss, signifying that he was happy with the change.

It was time to show off Cam's new haircut to more of his playmates on Friday night. Once again, Cameron, Chris and Jane had a fun night with the Raisch family and the girls have lots of toys for Cam to play with. Pictured here is Sarah and Cam, proving that you can still play with toys and watch basketball at the same time!
Saturday was a very special treat when longtime good friends, the Cronk family, spent most of the day with Chris, Jane, Cameron & Annie. Chris dressed Cam in a special shirt that Jane picked up that for some reason, reminded her of a phrase that Chris uses occasionally. We can't wait for the next get-together and to see all of you again!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pottery Revealed - Week of Mar. 15th

Since you have all been waiting in anticipation since the art project blog, shown is Cameron's first school art project for public viewing. Chris and Jane are very proud of the "random thing holder" that Cam made!

Neighborhood gatherings were the theme of the weekend. Friday night included the kids and parents over for burgers on the grill and homemade french fries...yummy. Cameron tried his first capri sun drink and loved it! Cam had a great time hanging out with Andrea & Zach who played with him while Chris & Jane enjoyed date night on Saturday- thanks again! Sunday evening's entertainment showcased the Wii games and kabob's on the grill. Cam has certainly enjoyed the big balloon that Chris brought home for Jane- that Chris is quite a sweetheart!

Michigan has given us some sunny days to enjoy the outdoors.
Cameron decided to help Chris out with some prepartory lawn care, by pulling up some stray grass. He definitely seemed
to enjoy getting dirty, just like every little boy (and big boy) does..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coco's Visit - Week of Mar. 8th

Cameron is one lucky boy....his cousin, Coco, a freshman at Georgetown University, decided for the third(!) year in a row to spend her spring break with his family in Grand Rapids. What a fun time they had! Monday included an outing to Ada Park and although the snow was still on the ground, the sun was shining. Tuesday eve was dinner to a family fav, Roses, where Cam dined on pasta and enjoyed tasty caramel corn for the first time!

Even though he struggled with a cold this week, he still enjoyed bath time with the super cool green foam that Julie provided. Wow, looks like someone may need a haircut!

Cam's expanding eating habits continue to surprise his parents. For example, the boy absolutely loves green salad with croutons and ranch dressing. Of course, no one can resist some delicious pudding now and then either, especially Cameron. It's definitely up there with oreos.

We can't thank Coco enough for staying with us and playing with Cam! With all of the pictures that Cameron endures every week, Chris & Jane think that some days he must feel like the paparazzi are always following him!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Geek in Training - Week of Mar. 1st

Cameron had a full entertainment schedule this week. Monday began with a trip to Outback restaurant. Cam wore his 'Geek in Training' tshirt that Chris brought home a couple of years ago from a computer conference. Cam loves the Outback mac-n-cheese and ate quite a bit! In fact, the growing boy has had quite the healthy appetite lately, trying even more new foods and loving them all.

His increased appetite has definitely been a good thing with a medicine called baclofen that he's now taking. It is used to help relax his tense muscles.

One of Cam's favorite activities is 'watching cartoons' with Chris, which translates into Chris playing the Wii and Cameron using his own 'remote' to play along.
On Saturday evening, the neighbor girls all walked over to join in the Wii gaming too. As good as Cam and Chris are at the Wii, the girls did rule Saturday eve!