Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bubble Machine - Week of Aug. 24th

One of Cameron's bday presents from his parents was a bubble machine... Cam just loves bubbles and his Dad does too.

Cameron is always working on sitting and building up his core muscles.

The cozy coupe that the Ringlers gave him for his birthday certainly helps him out.

He can either sit on it or stand behind it. Chris and Jane try to make sure that he practices sitting on and moving at least once a day.

Cam and Jane went up to the cottage on Friday and came back Saturday- even with the rainy weather, it was still fun for Cam to play with Grandma, Grandpa and his aunt, uncle and cousins. Chris had a little bit of time to work on the back deck.
After all of Cameron's hard work, he loves to have his special playtime with his Dad. As you can see, one of Cam's favorite activities is "monkey swing."
After all of Jane's hard work, Chris loves to surprise her with flowers! Have a great week everyone!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

2nd Birthday - Week of Aug. 17th

Happy 2nd Birthday to Cameron on Monday! Grandma ordered the coolest cake with real matchbox racecars. The cake was incredibly yummy and Cam had fun with his cousins, aunts and uncles.

The big boy received some awesome birthday gifts... the Schulze family gave him a "digger" which Cameron promptly decided he wasn't too keen on sharing... he definitely scooped it up when Annie tried to take a closer peek.

Also, some of his favorite cousins- Mike/Kevin and Eric gave him a HUGE Tonka dump truck that will be lots of fun on the beach. It is literally almost as big as Cameron.

More cousins- the lovely Haroldson family gave Cam some great new books and the Trucks one is read the most! Grandma and Grandpa picked out a Little People airplane set, since Cam loves to travel on the plane as well as more new books.

Cameron's second family, the Ringlers dropped off the cozy coupe- a ride-on scooter that doubles as a walker! And Mom & Dad had him open some new puzzles, books and bubbles.

As shown, the birthday boy had a little cake all to himself that he quite happily dug into with both hands!

How sweet that he even gave his Dad a little taste. After all of that fun, Cameron had a great time getting all clean in the bathtub, especially with all that frosting all over his face!
Surprisingly enough, Cam was pretty wide awake that evening and didn't go to sleep until almost 11pm- can you say... a little bit too much sugar?! But, since his birthday is only once a year, it's well worth it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big Trucks - Week of Aug. 10th

Vacation week at the cottage was fabulous! The weather could not have been more beautiful and almost every day was a beach day for Cameron...

Annie was working with him on swimming strokes during a very calm Lake Michigan day. The water was so warm and Cam loved splashing in the lake.

Cam's cousin James, whose birthday is only day after his, took the time to try to demonstrate some strokes for Cameron.
Since all of the cousins were at the lake, there was an early birthday celebration for Cameron and James. One of Cam's presents was a very cool "digger" which he definitely wanted to keep all to himself!

The week included a special wedding for Erica & Tony. Jane used to babysit Erica. Annie stayed back at the cottage to babysit Cameron- thanks so much Anne!

And many thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for having the family all week. Even though Cam had a few early mornings, they still continued to smile and give their grandson lots of kisses!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Swing in Park - Week of Aug. 3rd

*Posting early this week due to vacation at the cottage starting on Sat. & Chris & Jane's 6-yr wedding anniversary: 8-9...*

We certainly know Cameron's growing, because this week he made it into a 4W shoe size! He's gotten such a good work out with his shoes on the driveway in his walker, it was time to invest in a new pair. He definitely seems to like them and everyone loves those velcro straps!

Friday night was a big event for Cam attending the family company picnic for Chris' workplace, FTC&H.

Even though it wasn't perfect weather, the Grand Rapids Public Park was the perfect setting. Cameron munched on a hot dog and watermelon. Of course, there was some delicious dessert that Cam tried as well.

The griffin mascot was there to greet all of the kids and although Cam wasn't too sure of the winged guy, he didn't shy away.

By far the most fun he had was on the swing set being pushed by his Dad. He stayed in the swing for quite awhile laughing almost the entire time.

The gator rocker was a fun time with his Mom and if it weren't for some raindrops, they would've stayed and played even longer.
The family is headed to the lake for some much-needed vacation days including lots of beach time! Have a great week everyone:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bubbles and Ice Cream- Week of July 27th

Who knew that bubbles could be so much fun? We're not certain who had liked this activity more- Cameron or Stella!

It was a busy week for Cam and very exciting weekend since he spent most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa. For the first time since Cameron was born, Chris and Jane took a weekend trip, just the two of them and met up with friends in southern Michigan.

As they suspected, Cam couldn't have had more fun playing with his grandparents. Stroller rides, walker exercise and a trip to the farmer's market were some highlights of his special time with them. Chris and Jane can't thank Grandma and Grandpa enough for hanging out with their grandson and taking such good care of him!

Sunday was another new experience for Cam... a family baby shower for cousin Cheri included ice cream cones for dessert.
It may be hard to believe, but in all the ice cream that Cameron has tasted, he's never gotten a hold of an ice cream cone. As you can see, he couldn't be enjoying it more. He even held out his arm to try to grab his little cousin's cone out of her hand.
Watch out- Cam may be after your cone next!!