Sunday, August 9, 2009

Swing in Park - Week of Aug. 3rd

*Posting early this week due to vacation at the cottage starting on Sat. & Chris & Jane's 6-yr wedding anniversary: 8-9...*

We certainly know Cameron's growing, because this week he made it into a 4W shoe size! He's gotten such a good work out with his shoes on the driveway in his walker, it was time to invest in a new pair. He definitely seems to like them and everyone loves those velcro straps!

Friday night was a big event for Cam attending the family company picnic for Chris' workplace, FTC&H.

Even though it wasn't perfect weather, the Grand Rapids Public Park was the perfect setting. Cameron munched on a hot dog and watermelon. Of course, there was some delicious dessert that Cam tried as well.

The griffin mascot was there to greet all of the kids and although Cam wasn't too sure of the winged guy, he didn't shy away.

By far the most fun he had was on the swing set being pushed by his Dad. He stayed in the swing for quite awhile laughing almost the entire time.

The gator rocker was a fun time with his Mom and if it weren't for some raindrops, they would've stayed and played even longer.
The family is headed to the lake for some much-needed vacation days including lots of beach time! Have a great week everyone:)

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Deb Engstrom said...

Thinking about you guys, just caught up on the blog. Happy anniversary Chris and Jane and happy birthday to Cam!