Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer- Don't Go Just Yet - Week of Aug. 19th

Dear Summer, can you slow down?  Sincerely, Everyone...

It doesn't seem possible that the (sometimes) lazy days of summer are almost over!  So this weekend presented itself with a beautiful forecast demanding beach time.  Unfortunately, Cam's Dad stayed home to rest a pulled back muscle.  Cameron's godmother, Auntie Jo, made the trip with Jane and Cam to the cottage on Lake Michigan.

The beach was warm and inviting even if the water was still a little chilly...
Auntie Jo, Jane and Cam all had a fun ride in the kayak, rolling over small waves and watching the boats in the big lake.

Cam and his Grandma created a tepee on the shoreline with sticks found along the beach.  Every time the waves hurtled toward their creation, they giggled and laughed and proceeded to build another one.  It's funny how the natural elements can offer more play objects than expensive toys!

Sunday was a blustery day and a morning walk was on the agenda.  CamMobile was back in business after a flat tire replacement and Cam couldn't wait to explore the beach.  We picked up "Uncle" Kevin along the way with dogs, Levi and Kozzmoe.  The Boston Terriers enjoyed running alongside CamMobile and Cameron thinks it's great fun to watch them chase things and run up ahead of him.
We certainly missed Chris at the beach, but were so thankful Auntie Jo made the trip.

On Sunday, Grandma and Jane commented how great it was that Cameron slept through the night.  Imagine their surprise when Grandpa indicated he had checked on his grandson twice during the wee hours when he heard him.  Many thanks to Opa for "rescuing" Cam.  It's no coincidence that Opa was the first person Cameron requested when he woke up Sunday morning!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cam's 6th Birthday! - Week of Aug. 12th

You often hear people say..."once you have kids, time will go by in the blink of an eye."  So very true.
It doesn't seem possible that Cameron Jackson turned six years old this week!!
Since Cam recently played in his first official baseball game, his parents thought it fitting that he attend a Whitecaps minor league ball game on Thursday evening.  And what a nice surprise it was to find cousins Coco and Libby at the game, too!

Saturday was Cam's actual birthday and from the time he woke up, it seemed his outdoor party couldn't commence soon enough.
Now a curious thing about this six year old is that he doesn't really like cake.  He much prefers ice cream.  However, many people invited to Cam's party do like cake.  Now, if you add the cake to the frozen treat, the birthday boy doesn't mind it so much.  Each of Cameron's birthday have been celebrated with a custom cake from Ryke's bakery ( With technology advancing in all areas, it seems only fitting that the baking industry has found new ways to express creativity.  The ability for a baker to take a picture image and transfer it onto a
Cam, Forest, Cousin Ollie
cake in an edible format is delicious ingenuity.  The real treat for Cam, though, was a custom-made ice cream sundae.  With over 20 toppings to choose from, the birthday boy's favorite was hand-crushed oreos and peanut butter cups over vanilla and chocolate ice cream, all topped with chocolate sauce and real whipped cream!  After the delicious dessert, all the kids had a great time playing in the backyard.

Cam & Ms. Kathy

Simultaneous games of whiffle ball, boccie ball, and bullseye were in full force.  After corralling the youngsters, it was time to take a swing at the Curious George pinata.  After each one took a few swings, each child held a string attached to the candy monkey and pulled at the same time.  Only one string actually released the "door" inside, but every kid thought they were the one that pulled the correct string.  It was a scramble for the candy and everyone shared quite nicely.  The best parties are the ones that keep going past the "end" time and Cam's party didn't disappoint, hosting the last twenty or so people for tasty pizza and breadsticks.
Forest, Ms. Kathy, Cam, Liam, Betsy
Cam was very surprised by all of his gifts- THANK YOU!!
A special thanks to Oma and Opa for picking up the Cam cake, to Ms. Ann for providing evening Cam care, to Ms. Kathy for spending special time with Cam during his party, and to all family and friends who were with us in person to celebrate Cam!

People come into our lives for a reason and we know that so many are here to stay because of our sweet boy!
In the wise words of Dr. Suess~ "Today was good.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one!"

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Substitute Teachers & Beach Baseball - Week of Aug. 5th

Megan, Sarah, Cam & Emma
Our Ms. Katherine was on vacation this week, so we called in some subs for Cameron.  Actually, he requested his neighbor girls.  They eagerly accepted the task of playing school with Cam while Katherine was out.  They did teach their student many things versus playing.  In his home school this week, Cam was quizzed on flash cards, learned the difference between his right and left, found internal organs of the body on a puzzle and began simple math.  Somewhere in there, we did find time to make brownies as well.  Along with the girls, Ms. Molly (Katherine's sister) and Oma filled some gaps with Cam Care this week.  Many thanks to you all!
It was a busy weekend for the Weatherford family.  Saturday morning, we shared breakfast with good friends Keith & Bobbi.  Jane & Cam ventured over to Wellerwood for a play group date.  They had fun seeing Ms. Kathy (Cam's teacher), sharing some treats and playing on swings.  Jane was so pleased to meet Kathy's parents- they are wonderful, just like Ms. Kathy!  After play group, it was off to cousin Ollie's 5th birthday party where Cam saw lots of panda-themed toys and goodies, Ollie's favorite. 
To round out the day, the family ventured northward to the cottage to get ready for the Sunday afternoon beach baseball game!
The teams were created
by cousin Harper- the Gulls and the Rockets.  Every one had a chance up to bat and although rain threatened during the game,
no delays due to weather had to be called.
Cam and Chris had a hit and ran to first base!  Chris had a home run and Jane had a base hit which she ran in as well.  Cousin Annie was teaching Cameron how to use the glove and Cam was very interested in the snack assortment available at the game.

It was such a fun afternoon for everyone and even though our team, the Gulls, didn't have the final win, we sure had a great time playing.

Chris and Jane celebrated their 10-year anniversary this weekend and were reminded of their favorite quote..."Life is a journey, not a race.  It's the little things we learn to embrace!"  It's been an awesome journey with many more adventures yet to come...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cam's 1st School Graduation - Week of July 29th

Cam's handmade graduation cap & personalized diploma
When Cam's parents were younger, they looked forward to two graduations- high school and college.  It seems that with the newer generation, there are multiple grad celebrations.  This week, Cameron attended his very first one!

Ms. Kathy and Ms. Sara giving Cam a super smooch!
Wellerwood Early Childhood Center has been Cam's school since he was 2 and 1/2 years old.  He had the benefit of working with several different teachers and therapists throughout his time there.  This past year, he was able to enter a Head Start program, eating lunch at school and learning different things to help him prepare for kindergarten.  Since Cameron is headed to the big "K", it was the last year he could attend Wellerwood and most unfortunately, the last year any kids would attend the school.  It is closing and Cam held the honor of being in the last "graduating" class.

The teachers at Wellerwood made the students go through the real deal, walking up the steps with their caps and receiving their official diploma. Don't be fooled by Cameron's fancy shirt- the tie is a part of his t-shirt!  An extra special tasty treat was created by the teachers using little debbie snack cakes and thin licorice ropes to mimic mini diplomas.

This memorable ceremony was attended by Oma, Chris and Jane.  Cam was so excited to show everyone his cap and diploma!   He rode the school bus home one last time from Wellerwood and there was quite a crowd to greet him at the end of the driveway! ~ Emma, Ms. Ann, Oma, Auntie Ronda, and Jane.

For Cameron's grad treat, he wanted
to help make some delicious banana bread with his sweet friend, Emma. The kids were official taste testers of the batter and even enjoyed eating the actual bread.

Happy 1st Graduation... of many more to come... for our Cam!