Sunday, August 11, 2013

Substitute Teachers & Beach Baseball - Week of Aug. 5th

Megan, Sarah, Cam & Emma
Our Ms. Katherine was on vacation this week, so we called in some subs for Cameron.  Actually, he requested his neighbor girls.  They eagerly accepted the task of playing school with Cam while Katherine was out.  They did teach their student many things versus playing.  In his home school this week, Cam was quizzed on flash cards, learned the difference between his right and left, found internal organs of the body on a puzzle and began simple math.  Somewhere in there, we did find time to make brownies as well.  Along with the girls, Ms. Molly (Katherine's sister) and Oma filled some gaps with Cam Care this week.  Many thanks to you all!
It was a busy weekend for the Weatherford family.  Saturday morning, we shared breakfast with good friends Keith & Bobbi.  Jane & Cam ventured over to Wellerwood for a play group date.  They had fun seeing Ms. Kathy (Cam's teacher), sharing some treats and playing on swings.  Jane was so pleased to meet Kathy's parents- they are wonderful, just like Ms. Kathy!  After play group, it was off to cousin Ollie's 5th birthday party where Cam saw lots of panda-themed toys and goodies, Ollie's favorite. 
To round out the day, the family ventured northward to the cottage to get ready for the Sunday afternoon beach baseball game!
The teams were created
by cousin Harper- the Gulls and the Rockets.  Every one had a chance up to bat and although rain threatened during the game,
no delays due to weather had to be called.
Cam and Chris had a hit and ran to first base!  Chris had a home run and Jane had a base hit which she ran in as well.  Cousin Annie was teaching Cameron how to use the glove and Cam was very interested in the snack assortment available at the game.

It was such a fun afternoon for everyone and even though our team, the Gulls, didn't have the final win, we sure had a great time playing.

Chris and Jane celebrated their 10-year anniversary this weekend and were reminded of their favorite quote..."Life is a journey, not a race.  It's the little things we learn to embrace!"  It's been an awesome journey with many more adventures yet to come...

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