Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer- Don't Go Just Yet - Week of Aug. 19th

Dear Summer, can you slow down?  Sincerely, Everyone...

It doesn't seem possible that the (sometimes) lazy days of summer are almost over!  So this weekend presented itself with a beautiful forecast demanding beach time.  Unfortunately, Cam's Dad stayed home to rest a pulled back muscle.  Cameron's godmother, Auntie Jo, made the trip with Jane and Cam to the cottage on Lake Michigan.

The beach was warm and inviting even if the water was still a little chilly...
Auntie Jo, Jane and Cam all had a fun ride in the kayak, rolling over small waves and watching the boats in the big lake.

Cam and his Grandma created a tepee on the shoreline with sticks found along the beach.  Every time the waves hurtled toward their creation, they giggled and laughed and proceeded to build another one.  It's funny how the natural elements can offer more play objects than expensive toys!

Sunday was a blustery day and a morning walk was on the agenda.  CamMobile was back in business after a flat tire replacement and Cam couldn't wait to explore the beach.  We picked up "Uncle" Kevin along the way with dogs, Levi and Kozzmoe.  The Boston Terriers enjoyed running alongside CamMobile and Cameron thinks it's great fun to watch them chase things and run up ahead of him.
We certainly missed Chris at the beach, but were so thankful Auntie Jo made the trip.

On Sunday, Grandma and Jane commented how great it was that Cameron slept through the night.  Imagine their surprise when Grandpa indicated he had checked on his grandson twice during the wee hours when he heard him.  Many thanks to Opa for "rescuing" Cam.  It's no coincidence that Opa was the first person Cameron requested when he woke up Sunday morning!

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