Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013 - Week of Aug. 26th

Definition of a Beach Bum: someone who spends most of their time enjoying themselves on the beach.
That's exactly what we did for a couple of days this weekend!  In fact, we may consider ourselves professionals.

And the weekend couldn't come soon enough...Jane had to travel to Omaha to attend work meetings for two days this week and Chris was still trying to get his pulled back muscles back on track!

On Friday, the Weatherford crew traveled to Maple Beach in Holland for dinner and playtime with the Jellema cousins and although the time together was much too short, it is always memorable to see our family!

It seems that when summer is trying to say farewell, it decides to kick into high gear...Lake Michigan was perfect for swimming and the sunshine and clear skies beckoned everyone in the water. Cameron had fun using a new boat float complete with a horn for helping to warn people he was cruising in the lake.  It seemed that leaning back and getting his hair wet was one of the best features.

Cam had a great time on the beach building sand castles and creating sand drips with Oma.
Opa made it to the shore to take a swim too.
The family enjoyed a walk along the water with the CamMobile and it seemed you couldn't pass people without seeing a smile.
Dinner was served on the porch with a perfect view to watch the boats the go by while dining together.

Even though Sunday started out a bit cloudy, the sun quickly forced its way into the day as we continued beach activities with a replay of the day before.

As we close out summer, we are reminded how thankful we are for our time with Oma and Opa and extended
family.  The slice of serenity on Lake Michigan is a gift we are able to receive over and over again.

The beach will beckon us once again next season and until that time, wouldn't it be nice if we all had a little hibernation time?

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