Sunday, September 29, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane... Week of Sept. 23rd

Before heading out to North Carolina, it was time to fill the bird feeders...for the deer?

Our family hadn't been on a plane together in almost 4 years.  We talked to Cameron about the trip, but we weren't sure how he'd react to the actual experience.  After multiple flight delays on Friday, Cam handled the plane rides easily.  One of his favorite moments was watching all of the outside activity at the Atlanta airport terminal, luggage being loaded and unloaded and the carts driving around from plane to plane. Our destination was Asheville, N.C. and we arrived almost 5 hours later than expected. But true to Cam's nature, he took it in stride.
The weekend was centered around a wedding for Lauren and Ben.  Jane's best childhood friend, Leslie, is Lauren's big sister.  Little did we know the couple had a surprise for all of us attending. Not only did they zip-line into the ceremony, but the local news did a story that (much to their surprise) went national! Click on the link here to see the news video:
Lauren & Ben's wedding makes the news!
Jill, Casey, and a happy Cam!
Since Jane & Chris needed to attend multiple evening activities while in Asheville, Leslie had connected with a local teacher and her daughter who offered to "Cam-sit" for the nightly events. Our family has been blessed with unexpected connections-people who come into our lives and leave a lifelong impression.  Jill and her daughter Casey are exceptional people and we cannot thank them enough for the love and care they provided in the evenings with Cameron. We know our paths will cross again since they've made us promise to keep in contact when we plan a return visit.
Allison & Cam

Time spent with the Scannell family is always a gift to us.

Chris, Jane, Allie, Cam, Erin, Leslie, Dan
This was our first visit to their beautiful home and much to do and explore and not enough hours in the day. We did manage some quality hang-out time in the backyard and took in a few scenic tours.
Thanks to the Scannell fam and Lauren & Ben for a very memorable time!
It was a whirlwind weekend to remind us that love is found in unexpected places and new experiences don't require apprehension.

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Unknown said...

What a great blog post! Such an eventful, blessed trip you had! That smile on Cam's face is evident he loved the plane ride. Love the pictures and stories. Thanks for sharing! :)