Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hot Tub & Helicopter - Week of Jan. 24th

There are many home remedies that people recommend to treat colds...but have you ever heard of hanging out in the hot tub? It certainly received a positive vote from Cameron, who enjoyed some tubbing with his Dad one late afternoon. Cam even has that look on his face as if he and Chris are definitely 'getting away with something.'
The boys splashed and played for awhile and when Jane walked out to ask if they were ready for some warm towels, the response was an emphatic "no," with a smile.

From hot tubs to helicopters, Cam's week couldn't get much better!
A special delivery arrived also aiding in combating a cold...a new toy for Cam (and Chris!). The remote-controlled helicopter was quite a hit. The only household member unsure about the new contraption was Stella, the cat.

Some may believe that 'feeding a cold' is the way to recovery. To test that theory, Grandma and Cameron whipped up a delicious batch of rice krispie treats. Grandma is such a great cook and baker and Cam loves everything she makes- especially, anything sweet.

The best part of cooking with Grandma...she lets you lick the spoon, even if it's an extra large one!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cam's Big Boy Bed - Week of Jan. 17th

There is a saying...."The common cold, if left untreated, lasts about two weeks. If treated with medication and rest, it lasts about fourteen days." In Cameron's case, it seems to have come and gone for a few weeks.

Chris and Jane have been following standard protocol, making certain that their son is drinking plenty of liquids!

Cam has had to adapt to many different things and a conversion of his bedroom was no exception. In late December, his room transformed to a big boy bed, dresser and blanket chest. Cameron is shown here standing in front of the chest where he gets dressed.

He does like to pick out his own clothes, but sometimes needs a little assistance matching the outfit...thanks to his Mom!
Cam's bed contains many of his favorite animals, including Elmo. The cozy blanket was made by his godmother, 'Auntie' Jo and it is the cuddliest covering ever.

Although Cameron's parents were a little apprehensive about him adjusting to the new sleeping arrangements, Cam handled it like a champ. The only surprise one morning was finding the big boy standing at the side of his bed, still sleeping with his head on the mattress. Some mornings, it's tough to get out of bed...well, actually, all the way out of bed, in Cam's case...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

While the Parents are Away, Cam Plays - Week of Jan. 10th

Lisa is Cameron's new nanny and Cam definitely likes spending time with his daily caregiver. She helps the big boy off the bus every day, reads lots of books and enjoys working on his developmental goals. And of course, there's usually a dose of laughter too!

This weekend, Chris & Jane headed out of town to spend a weekend in Vegas celebrating their friend's birthday. Their lucky son was able to hang out with Grandma & Grandpa all weekend. Coco and Jo were so sweet to visit with Cam on Saturday and one may wonder who entertained whom more...

Cameron definitely likes to entertain himself by opening cupboards and drawers and exploring the contents, as shown here.

When Chris & Jane arrived home Sunday night, Cam greeted them with huge smiles and lots of hugs! They just might have let their sweet boy have a few extra m&m's for dessert. Many thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for taking such great care or their grandson all weekend long!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spectacular Sledding - Week of Jan. 3rd

Living in Michigan does have its advantages, even in the winter. This weekend, the fun began with a visit from Cameron's buddy, Will and his godmother, Jo.

After the boys were all bundled up, they ventured out in the sunshine across the street to sled with the neighbors. Cam and Will weren't too sure about going down the hill solo as they checked out the safety of their sleds.
In addition to the small hill, the Raisch's backyard also features a very large ice rink that is lots of fun to pull the sleds around on.
After some time sledding and sliding on the rink the boys had some indoor playtime as well.
Anna & Emma Raisch had fun entertaining the boys and the kids all feasted on pizza for lunch.

After lunch, Cam and Will continued to play with a train set and cars, their favorite toys.
The boys were definitely worn out after their big day.
Cameron is so fortunate to have such a great buddy like Will and the best neighbors ever!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Family Party and 2011 - Week of Dec. 27th

Cameron concluded his present opening of 2010 at the Jellema family Christmas party. Some of the Aunts, Uncles and cousins were in attendance. Santa Claus made an appearance and all of the little kids received presents from Santa.
Cam, Chris, and Jane sported their new "Lake Michigan...Unsalted" shirts at the party.
Cousin Steffanie played with Cam and admired his new Elmo pajamas.

One of Camerons' favorite playmates is his neighbor, Emma. She likes to hang out with Cam is like a big sister to him.

As we close 2010 and say hello to 2011,
We’d like to thank a few that have been blog followers since 2007!
Grandma patiently waits for the weekly Cam updates, and needs a copy of every pic to talk about her grandson who’s so great!
Cam’s Godmother, Jo, checks every week, while sitting at her work desk with tea,
And always sends a sweet email about Cam’s news and how it fills her with glee.
Julie, Cam’s follower in more ways than one,
Keeps a close eye on the boy and will be there to see him run.
Coco and Annie, special cousins who constantly cheer,
Read every week and see Cam persevere.
Aunt Mary and Marcy always have encouraging comments to share…
And there are far too many others to name here, we’re acutely aware.
Please know that without all of you reading each week,
It would be difficult to create every update and make it unique!!