Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beach Time - Week of July 21st

 A weather forecast can be like an attitude- the forecast calls for chance of showers and mostly cloudy.  An attitude may be destined by one's predetermined mood.  So, with a positive outlook, we ventured forth for a beach day with dear, good friends Karen and Ann.
Both had thrown caution to the wind and made the trek to come with us a midst friends questioning "why would you go to the beach when the forecast doesn't look good at all?"  Thank goodness we all decided it was worth it and Cam's infectious good mood certainly rubbed off on everyone.
The clouds truly seemed to part the closer we were to Lake Michigan.  It was such a perfect beach day!

With Cam in his CamMobile, the creek was dammed up and the boat races began.  Cam formed the bridge with his mobile over the creek and guessed which boat would win the race.  Sandcastles and chilly water swimming rounded out the day and by the time we all dined out on the cottage deck for dinner, our group was pretty worn out.

With all of the activity, someone neglected their picture-taking duties...the picture of Karen, Cam and Ann was taken back in Grand Rapids, but note that they are holding Lake Michigan sand!

Jane received a sweet surprise this week when Alena and Cam made a chocolate pudding pie with a homemade graham cracker crust.  Most delicious and the message was even sweeter than the taste!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cam: Head of Ring Security - Week of July 14th

Cam was busily preparing for his ring bearer role this week!
Of course, a trip to the zoo was the perfect predecessor to the rehearsal dinner. Friday morning, Alena and her dad took Cam and Emma to the John Ball Park Zoo.  Alena had them decorate visors for their outing.  The goats tried to eat the packed lunch out of Cam's backpack, which Cam thought was hilarious.  He thoroughly enjoyed petting the goats.  Many thanks to Alena and her dad!
Friday night, the rehearsal dinner for Molly and Gordy took place in Cam's backyard.  After dining on tacos, chips and dip, and ice cream, the official walk-through commenced.  A Ring Security t-shirt was worn by the official ring bearer.
Upon waking up Saturday morning, Cam sleepily declared, "wedding- yeah!" and couldn't quite understand why he had to wait almost 9 hours until leaving for the big event!
The beautiful sunny day matched the beauty of the bride, Molly.  Cam took his ring bearer duties very seriously and waited patiently until it was his turn to bring the rings to Molly and Gordy!
After the beautiful ceremony, we enjoyed appetizers while pictures were taken and everyone chatted and relaxed in the pretty setting.  Cam's Oma and Opa were invited too so there was plenty to occupy the ring security boy.
We all dined on a delicious array of food and desserts.  To Cameron's benefit, the many choices included quite a few delectable options with chocolate.
The napkin rings at the tables looked like the biggest diamond ring you'd ever seen!  We thought it would be funny to have Cam give one to the bride and one to his favorite Katherine, Molly's maid of honor!

The festivities continued with dancing and Cam seemed to find his second wind.  He loves music and especially likes the upbeat rhythm.  Cameron felt incredibly special to have a solo dance with the bride!

We are reminded that we would not be a part of this family without our connection to Katherine.  Katherine was Cam's nanny for almost 3 years, became a part of our family and in turn, her entire family intertwined with ours.  We are grateful and humbled by their loving ways and giving nature.

We wish Molly and Gordy all the best on their journey as husband and wife...

“Love is always bestowed as a gift -freely, willingly, and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved, we love to love.” 
~Leo Buscagalia

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Chocolate Fountain! - Week of July 7th

Cam is always asking to help his parents complete different tasks.  With the sun shining, he had the heavy duty task of assisting with car washing.  Cam has not complained once about his stitches, but does remind his parents to change the bandage and add ointment daily.

This week included a special visit with close friends from Florida- Greg and Jill and their adorable kiddos- Lucas and Laila.  Cameron had fun meeting everyone for the first time and we shared a delicious cookout with Greg's family.
There never seems to be enough time to hang out with those we love, especially when they live further away.

Another first was Cam's introduction to "the chocolate fountain" provided by Aunt Joyce.  At the extended family birthday party celebration, the wonderful sweet dessert was
set up.  One could dip strawberries, pretzels, cookies and other delights.  Cam's faves were the strawberries and quite frankly, just licking the delicious chocolate off of his fingers!

One of the birthdays being celebrated was for Cam's amazing dad, Chris.  Jane and Cam had fun picking out presents for their favorite guy-  a miter saw, sandals and a glow in the dark football.   Cam and his mom made an ice cream pie with an oreo crust.  The chocolate sauce spelled out "Dad" but we had to put some m&m's on there to make it more legible.  
Ms. Ann graciously hung out with Cam while his parents joined friends out for an early dinner.  She also gave Chris a little plaque that reads "I'm kind of a big deal" and we couldn't agree more.
Not only is Cam's dad a big deal,...He is a gift to us, every day.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Independence Day Parade - Week of June 30th

Fireworks weren't the only excitement for the week...
The day before the 4th of July, Cam took a tumble on his bike in the driveway. The wound on his head was pretty deep, so we went to the med center for a visit.  Our brave boy endured the wound irrigation, shots into the cut, and 4 stitches.  Cam was such a trooper!

We weren't sure if he'd be ready for the Cascade Parade the next morning, but he actually couldn't wait to see it.

This year, Auntie Ronda and Alena accompanied our family.  The fire engines kicked off the celebration and every float and machine that went by also gave away pieces of candy.  Cam even ended up with a beach ball!

By far, Cameron's favorite part of the day was when the school bus made a showing- Cam was quite surprised that a bus was a part of the parade!  He wanted to be up on his dad's shoulder to get the best view.

The evening of Independence Day, we enjoyed a delicious barbecue chicken cookout complete with sweet corn.  The boys are shown here, hard at work, supervising some grilling activity.

On Saturday, it was time to head up to the lake and spend quality time on the beach.  Although the sun didn't show itself until later in the afternoon, it turned out to be a gorgeous day.  Cam helped his mom build a pretty impressive sandcastle and we had a super sweet visit with Katie H.

For an evening dessert, Oma and Cam created a U.S. flag out of fruit- very patriotic, healthy and delicious.

We didn't attend any official fireworks display this year, but did see the sky light up from our home.
It also seems the sparkles from the sun on the big lake never fail to bring just as many oohs and ahhs!