Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cam: Head of Ring Security - Week of July 14th

Cam was busily preparing for his ring bearer role this week!
Of course, a trip to the zoo was the perfect predecessor to the rehearsal dinner. Friday morning, Alena and her dad took Cam and Emma to the John Ball Park Zoo.  Alena had them decorate visors for their outing.  The goats tried to eat the packed lunch out of Cam's backpack, which Cam thought was hilarious.  He thoroughly enjoyed petting the goats.  Many thanks to Alena and her dad!
Friday night, the rehearsal dinner for Molly and Gordy took place in Cam's backyard.  After dining on tacos, chips and dip, and ice cream, the official walk-through commenced.  A Ring Security t-shirt was worn by the official ring bearer.
Upon waking up Saturday morning, Cam sleepily declared, "wedding- yeah!" and couldn't quite understand why he had to wait almost 9 hours until leaving for the big event!
The beautiful sunny day matched the beauty of the bride, Molly.  Cam took his ring bearer duties very seriously and waited patiently until it was his turn to bring the rings to Molly and Gordy!
After the beautiful ceremony, we enjoyed appetizers while pictures were taken and everyone chatted and relaxed in the pretty setting.  Cam's Oma and Opa were invited too so there was plenty to occupy the ring security boy.
We all dined on a delicious array of food and desserts.  To Cameron's benefit, the many choices included quite a few delectable options with chocolate.
The napkin rings at the tables looked like the biggest diamond ring you'd ever seen!  We thought it would be funny to have Cam give one to the bride and one to his favorite Katherine, Molly's maid of honor!

The festivities continued with dancing and Cam seemed to find his second wind.  He loves music and especially likes the upbeat rhythm.  Cameron felt incredibly special to have a solo dance with the bride!

We are reminded that we would not be a part of this family without our connection to Katherine.  Katherine was Cam's nanny for almost 3 years, became a part of our family and in turn, her entire family intertwined with ours.  We are grateful and humbled by their loving ways and giving nature.

We wish Molly and Gordy all the best on their journey as husband and wife...

“Love is always bestowed as a gift -freely, willingly, and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved, we love to love.” 
~Leo Buscagalia

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