Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Chocolate Fountain! - Week of July 7th

Cam is always asking to help his parents complete different tasks.  With the sun shining, he had the heavy duty task of assisting with car washing.  Cam has not complained once about his stitches, but does remind his parents to change the bandage and add ointment daily.

This week included a special visit with close friends from Florida- Greg and Jill and their adorable kiddos- Lucas and Laila.  Cameron had fun meeting everyone for the first time and we shared a delicious cookout with Greg's family.
There never seems to be enough time to hang out with those we love, especially when they live further away.

Another first was Cam's introduction to "the chocolate fountain" provided by Aunt Joyce.  At the extended family birthday party celebration, the wonderful sweet dessert was
set up.  One could dip strawberries, pretzels, cookies and other delights.  Cam's faves were the strawberries and quite frankly, just licking the delicious chocolate off of his fingers!

One of the birthdays being celebrated was for Cam's amazing dad, Chris.  Jane and Cam had fun picking out presents for their favorite guy-  a miter saw, sandals and a glow in the dark football.   Cam and his mom made an ice cream pie with an oreo crust.  The chocolate sauce spelled out "Dad" but we had to put some m&m's on there to make it more legible.  
Ms. Ann graciously hung out with Cam while his parents joined friends out for an early dinner.  She also gave Chris a little plaque that reads "I'm kind of a big deal" and we couldn't agree more.
Not only is Cam's dad a big deal,...He is a gift to us, every day.

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