Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beach Time - Week of July 21st

 A weather forecast can be like an attitude- the forecast calls for chance of showers and mostly cloudy.  An attitude may be destined by one's predetermined mood.  So, with a positive outlook, we ventured forth for a beach day with dear, good friends Karen and Ann.
Both had thrown caution to the wind and made the trek to come with us a midst friends questioning "why would you go to the beach when the forecast doesn't look good at all?"  Thank goodness we all decided it was worth it and Cam's infectious good mood certainly rubbed off on everyone.
The clouds truly seemed to part the closer we were to Lake Michigan.  It was such a perfect beach day!

With Cam in his CamMobile, the creek was dammed up and the boat races began.  Cam formed the bridge with his mobile over the creek and guessed which boat would win the race.  Sandcastles and chilly water swimming rounded out the day and by the time we all dined out on the cottage deck for dinner, our group was pretty worn out.

With all of the activity, someone neglected their picture-taking duties...the picture of Karen, Cam and Ann was taken back in Grand Rapids, but note that they are holding Lake Michigan sand!

Jane received a sweet surprise this week when Alena and Cam made a chocolate pudding pie with a homemade graham cracker crust.  Most delicious and the message was even sweeter than the taste!

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