Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pottery Revealed - Week of Mar. 15th

Since you have all been waiting in anticipation since the art project blog, shown is Cameron's first school art project for public viewing. Chris and Jane are very proud of the "random thing holder" that Cam made!

Neighborhood gatherings were the theme of the weekend. Friday night included the kids and parents over for burgers on the grill and homemade french fries...yummy. Cameron tried his first capri sun drink and loved it! Cam had a great time hanging out with Andrea & Zach who played with him while Chris & Jane enjoyed date night on Saturday- thanks again! Sunday evening's entertainment showcased the Wii games and kabob's on the grill. Cam has certainly enjoyed the big balloon that Chris brought home for Jane- that Chris is quite a sweetheart!

Michigan has given us some sunny days to enjoy the outdoors.
Cameron decided to help Chris out with some prepartory lawn care, by pulling up some stray grass. He definitely seemed
to enjoy getting dirty, just like every little boy (and big boy) does..

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