Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coco's Visit - Week of Mar. 8th

Cameron is one lucky boy....his cousin, Coco, a freshman at Georgetown University, decided for the third(!) year in a row to spend her spring break with his family in Grand Rapids. What a fun time they had! Monday included an outing to Ada Park and although the snow was still on the ground, the sun was shining. Tuesday eve was dinner to a family fav, Roses, where Cam dined on pasta and enjoyed tasty caramel corn for the first time!

Even though he struggled with a cold this week, he still enjoyed bath time with the super cool green foam that Julie provided. Wow, looks like someone may need a haircut!

Cam's expanding eating habits continue to surprise his parents. For example, the boy absolutely loves green salad with croutons and ranch dressing. Of course, no one can resist some delicious pudding now and then either, especially Cameron. It's definitely up there with oreos.

We can't thank Coco enough for staying with us and playing with Cam! With all of the pictures that Cameron endures every week, Chris & Jane think that some days he must feel like the paparazzi are always following him!

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