Sunday, February 21, 2010

Piano Practice - Week of Feb. 15th

Cameron has had private piano lessons with his ever-talented Grandma and he definitely loves to play! Luckily, she has decided that Cam only need pay her for the lessons in kisses & snuggles!

With all of the snow outside, Cameron has been walking in his pacer in the basement, which by all accounts, is not very exciting. So, it was quite a treat for him and Chris & Jane to be able to get back out on the driveway in the crisp, fresh air. Cam no longer has a "seat" in the pacer and he's still walking like a champ.
The family and Annie have had lots of fun with their neighbor friends, the Raisch family.
Watching the Olympics and competing in "Wii Olympics" have been the favorite activities. Dessert eating was also on the list and Cameron couldn't resist trying out a handful of Cool Whip- he sure did enjoy that!

Now that Cam is moving around more, he loves to play a game of 'cat and mouse' with Stella. Fortunately for Cam, Stella is quite patient and tolerant of his curiousity!

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