Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hearts Overflowing - Week of Feb. 14th

Cam had quite a busy V-day...he brought home a few valentines from his classmates filled with chocolate and candy. Cameron has developed a definite love of sweets, especially chocolate, thanks to his parents...

Monday evening, Cam, Chris & Jane met Auntie Jo and Will for a delicous dining experience at McDonald's, one of the boys' favorite places. This may become an annual experience based upon how much fun Will & Cam had!

The activities continued throughout the week since cousin, Libby, had taken vacation time and flown to Michigan from New York. She brought gifts for the entire family, including an I love New York t-shirt from the Big Apple that Cam proudly wore. Libby and her sister, Coco, played with their cousin as he showed off all of his new skills for Libby.

All of the cousins headed across the street for what appeared to be the last sledding day of the season. With sleds and tubes, everyone ventured down the hill and had a great time!

Many thanks to Libby for spending some precious vacation time with family in Michigan, instead of heading to a warmer climate!
We know you won't be forgetting Elmo's voice any time soon...

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