Sunday, June 12, 2011

When the Parents are Away... - Week of June 6th

Cameron's Dad left on a business trip Monday morning after seeing his awesome son before heading to the airport.
Cam and Jane had some quality time hanging out together, especially mid-week when cousin Coco and friends brought over their two puppies. Even though everyone tried to convince the pups that the water felt so good in the hot weather, they opted to jump right out instead of hanging out with Cam to keep cool.

Thursday morning, Jane also said goodbye to her sweet son to meet up with Chris in Florida for a long weekend to celebrate Jane's birthday and see good friends, the Smith & Cronk families. Cam's parents met Baby Lucas Smith for the first time, also born at 30 weeks, just like Cameron! We know the two of them will be good buddies.

Back in Grand Rapids, Grandma & Grandpa provided Cam Care beginning Thursday afternoon until Jane & Chris arrived home Sunday afternoon.
Cameron's grandparents kept him busy with activities, trips to the store, a restaurant breakfast outing, storytime and visitors (thanks Auntie Jo!).

Cam & his grandparents met Chris & Jane at the airport and Cam was definitely happy to see them!

An unexpected treat was a vehicle playing songs that ventured into the neighborhood and after being away from their boy, it was fun to share a special first time ice cream truck sighting and purchase!

Many thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for staying with Cam for a few days- he sure does love the two of you!! (and maybe being spoiled...just a little)

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