Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lake Michigan Weekend - Week of May 23rd

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer for most Michiganders. It is a tradition on Jane's side of the family to meet at their Lake Michigan cottage to gather together and have the first beach outing. Well, the weather didn't quite cooperate this year, but the outing continued anyways!

Auntie Jo & Will joined in the fun and brought kites and bubbles for the boys to play with. The windy day made for perfect kite-flying conditions. The breeze also tuckered out a couple boys as they lounged in the sand and took a little afternoon siesta.

Auntie Jo had some reading time with her two favorite guys.

After a bit of sleep, the weekend continued with some indoor play due to a little rain. Chris proceeded to give plenty of tickle attacks to the little boys which brought lots of giggles and screaming laughter. Will also went after Cam's toes for a sneaky tickle surprise.

It's easy to see that when good friends and buddies hang out, as long as there are yummy snacks, bubbles, books, toys, kites and tickle attacks, you're bound to have a great time!

Many thanks to Auntie Jo & Will for keeping us all company and to Grandma & Grandpa for putting up with all the extra activity!!

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