Sunday, March 15, 2009

Coco Visits Again - Week of Mar. 9th

The warming trend provided 2 outings for Cameron this week! And this week included a special visit from cousin, Coco, all the way from New Jersey!!

Cameron has had a great time with Coco and even gave her kisses on the way back from the airport.
Friday afternoon was spent at Ada Park with Grandma, Coco, Jane & Cam. Someone forgot their camera that day.... but it was a crisp afternoon and Cam enjoyed the stroll. On Sunday, 'Big Sis' Lauren stopped by for a visit (so good to see you!!) while Chris & Cam took a walk in the jogging stroller. What a beautiful day!

Cam continues to try different things and hanging out on the stairs is a fun little treat.

On Thursday, Coco, Chris, Jane & Cam all went to Rose's for dinner. Cameron was such a good boy, smiling at the waitress and eating lots of his macaroni & cheese and applesauce- definitely one of his new favorite combos.
The weather forecast this week calls for many more outdoor adventures for Cam!

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