Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spectacular Spring Break - Week of Apr. 11th

Cameron's nanny, Lisa, kept him very busy with lots of activities during his spring break! She even charted out their day designating timeframes for play and creativity, just like school.

Painting was high on the agenda. Not only did Cam paint pictures, but he also painted a wooden alligator, a picture frame and a piece of pottery. The art projects lasted several days.
The piece of pottery held another purpose- Lisa and Cam planted some bean plants. The plant needs watering every day, which was another activity added to the list.

It's easy to see that Cam was quite proud of his completed projects and really likes to play with his new alligator.

The week ended with a whirlwind trip on Sunday. First, a stop at buddy Will's church to watch him in his first program carrying a palm frond for Palm Sunday. Then, off to the cottage to visit cousins in Michigan for spring break. Cam ate some delicious chocolate cake with cousin Harper, celebrating his birthday a day early. He also spent some quality time with one of his favorite people, cousin Annie! Although it was a bit chilly, the sun shone on beautiful Lake Michigan- we are all looking so forward to summer!!

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