Sunday, March 27, 2011

Activities & Air Drums - Week of Mar. 21st

While Cameron was fighting off a cold this week, nanny Lisa, decided that some wonderful cooking and baking may help ward off the germs. Just look at this delicious dessert she made for the family!

In the meantime, Chris & Jane were attempting to come up with new ideas for playtime and learning. A trip over to the local Target produced a Cam activity table. The table included two chairs, so a buddy can join in the fun as well. This area gives Cameron a place to sit and play with toys, color with markers and crayons and look at books. He also enjoyed working on some flash cards with his parents.

By far, one of most fabulous additions to the toy collection was found on clearance at ToysRUs. Who knew that one could purchase an air drum set? Cam certainly liked the idea of waving his drum stick in the air and making it sound as if he was playing a snare drum! His parents definitely like the idea of a $10 drum set that includes volume control and an on/off button!

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