Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Rides & Rainboots- Week of Mar. 14th

A week filled with lots of rain coupled with some sunny days signals that spring must be near.
To gear up, Cameron had fun trying on Jane's rainboots. Even though Cam's Mom doesn't have very big feet, her boots were just a little too big.

Luckily, Cam isn't too big for the ride he found at ToysRUs! You can imagine his excitement when his favorite character, Elmo, was on a motorized contraption. We're not sure if Cam had more fun on the ride or looking at the big Elmo the entire time.

One thing is for certain, Cameron asked for "more" as soon as the ride was over. The two quarters spent made for one very happy boy.

Cam's happiness is also easy to spot when his neighbor buddy, Emma, comes over to play.
Sometimes, it seems that Cameron thinks Emma is the only person in the room.
Yes, spring is in the air...

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