Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Spring Bike Ride - Week of Mar. 26th

As the grass becomes greener and more flowers are blooming, spring activities are in full force.
Chris and Cam enjoyed their first bike ride of the spring! Luckily, the bike seat we purchased for Cameron holds up to 48 pounds and is adjustable. The big boy now likes to lean over to see what's up ahead...

The weekend was filled with different ventures. Jane's good friend Karen and cousin Libby drove in from Chicago. Cam and the girls drove to Saugatuck to check out a houseboat rental that Karen wanted to see. Cameron had fun on the top deck of the boat looking out at the water. We hope to see more of Karen this summer if she takes the rental!
Ventures continued on Sunday, when cousins Libby and Coco went out for Sunday brunch with Cam and his parents.

Topping off the weekend was some hot tub action complete with splashing, floating, and pushing buttons for the jet bubbles.

Cameron, it seems, has always been a photogenic kid. Edi, Cam's buddy and GVSU grad student, snapped this pic and provided some appropriate photoshop edits: "Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend" and "Smiling is my favorite exercise!"

Many thanks Edi for these adorable photos!!

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