Sunday, November 24, 2013

Traditions - Week of Nov. 18th

We can't pinpoint the date we started it, but when Cameron was a toddler we began hiding his favorite Elmo toy before bedtime and he'd have to find it.  
The places of concealment varied greatly, but the reward was Cam's reaction when the discovery was made!  So, most evenings, Chris or Jane (mostly Chris) figures out new places to conceal Elmo and also Curious George.
This week, Chris truly outdid himself when he expertly perched the stuffed animals outside of Cameron's window with a spotlight on the pair.  We should have captured video of one proud boy for discovering the surprise behind his window- the laughter certainly was heard in the entire neighborhood! Sometimes a tradition never grows old.

Each year about this time we begin to gather pictures for the family Christmas card.  Oma and Opa paid a special visit over the weekend. Cam's grandparents went to the Grand Rapids Indoor Market with him and Jane to eat lunch and browse the different vendor areas.  When the family returned, it was the perfect chance to set up a mini photo shoot.  Much to everyone's surprise, Chris and Cam had fun clowning around pretending to be thinkers and saying "hmmm" while deep in thought.
Rounding out the weekend was a trip to the barbershop for Cameron.  He's come a long way since being very nervous about the clippers and haircuts in general.  Now, he looks like a pro and loves to have his stylist, Amelia, put "product" in his hair.

Traditions, like hobbies, come and go, but there are certain ones we hope stick around for quite some time to come.

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