Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 - Week of Nov. 25th

Definition of Thanksgiving: 1. the act of giving thanks  2. a prayer expressing gratitude  3.  a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness.

Any time we gather with family is a day of thanks and for the very first time, this year, we shared our turkey day celebration with the Haroldson family.  Our cousins drove from New Jersey and proceeded to prepare an amazing meal, including a 22-pound turkey!  It was perfectly delicious and paired with 3 (yes, three!) different types of stuffing- oyster, chestnut, chestnut & sausage.  Cameron preferred the mashed potatoes to the stuffing.  Desserts included pumpkin and apple pie as well as chocolate cream.  Cam opted for the chocolate cream, determining it was the closest one to ice cream.

Thanksgiving brought family together, but it also welcomed the white stuff!  Although not quite enough to go sledding, Chris and Cam had fun with the converted riding mower turned mini snow plow.  A salt spreader is attached to the back and even Jane had a lesson in driving maneuvers.  Even though the little machine is quite loud, Cam enjoys riding and helping determine where to go next.

Happy Birthday, Oma!
Due to the holiday, Chris and Jane both had Friday off of work and Oma and Opa stayed overnight for some additional time with their grandson.  After breakfast, the crew traveled to the Indoor Market in downtown Grand Rapids to have lunch and browse the different vendor spots.
With Oma still recovering from knee replacement surgery, Cam joined her in the physical therapy exercises she's assigned to do.  She indicated that it's much more enjoyable to complete the PT tasks with Cam as an active participant.
Cam showing off his dance moves!

The weekend was filled with additional family visits- cousins over for the football game and dinner on Saturday, then travels to visit Annie at her new home and Aunt Joyce and Uncle Joe on Sunday.
Sunday was also Grandma's birthday (we won't say which one!) and Cam, Chris and Jane were very happy to see her and celebrate how wonderful she is!!

We give thanks for so many people and the shared time with others we enjoyed over the holiday.
Hopefully, your Thanksgiving was one of happiness and feeling full...and not just from the turkey!
Gobbling up a nap after dinner...

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