Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let it Snow! - Week of Dec. 9th

Around this time each year, the calendar events fill quickly and the days fly by.  Thankfully, there always seems to be room in the schedule for play!  The snow machine has been gearing up in Michigan and sledding could finally be accomplished without uncovering grass...

Cam and Emma had a great time in the white stuff going up and down the hill, getting covered in snow.  The front yard hill was the track of choice.  The slick tube not only made it to the bottom of the driveway, but a little bit past.  Everyone was grateful for the hot cocoa with marshmallows afterward.

The annual Mary Free Bed Christmas party was held this week and it is quite the holiday event!  Multiple craft rooms, giant characters, and of course, Santa and his elves are the focal point.
Each child receives a wrapped gift from Mr. Claus.  Cameron can't enough of Santa this year-  this boy is super excited and was very surprised Santa knew his name! (The elves let it slip, but Cam didn't hear)
Santa and Cam are holding a plush stuffed dog, which was a perfect substitute for a real puppy.  Cameron named the pooch "Oliver" after Katie's dog.  He also received a cool Transformer car.  Following the Santa visit, Jane & Cam decorated some delicious Christmas cookies and proceeded to happily eat them.

Friday brought more treats with a school holiday program at Meadow Brook as well as gingerbread house-making.
Oma and Jane assisted with the gingerbread house construction and learned a few things about "royal frosting."

Many kids don't have grandparents that can attend these types of activities and we are forever grateful to Oma for joining us on these occasions.

The weekend brought a little playtime for Cam's parents.  Chris & Jane attended the annual FTCH Holiday Party at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.
One of the traditions is to take a ride on the carousel that overlooks the Grand River.
It's definitely a good week when kids and parents have an opportunity to experience different types of play...

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” 

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